One more light…Linkin Park

When the news of Chester’s suicide reached me. Immediately I went to check if it was a hoax. As soon as my shift was done. I put on some music, naturally, it was Linkin Park. Their music was the main source of how I expressed myself. I was not very articulate and no one would listen to the words I said but I could make them listen to the music.

I originally heard of Chester Bennington when my biological father sent me a letter. He was in a band back in Arizona, and a new member had just left due to creative differences. Chester was that new member. I lost contact with my father but I have always wanted to know if they ever kept in touch, and if so…I wanted to meet Chester. I always said that if I could meet him and Pink, I could die happy…

I myself, have fought with depression and have attempted suicide a couple of times. I never had many friends growing up, and grew up with a mentally and emotionally abusive stepfather (rarely it was physical abuse). The one thing I could count on was music. I first heard Linkin Park on the radio, found I related to the music and balled my eyes out. Bought a CD, and every single song….I cried.

When their latest album came out One More Light, I was excited. When I first heard Heavy, I balled. When I heard the song One More Light. I again cried. My first initial thought was, this song is about those who are suicidal and want to leave the land of the living. I felt like Chester was singing to me.

“Who cares when someone’s time runs out?
If a moment is all we are
We’re quicker, quicker
Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well I do”

I love you Chester, you helped me out of my dark place and I wish something could have helped you. The world certainly lost a talented person who has helped many people. I know I will feel a little lost knowing you won’t be creating any more music down here.


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