Camp Nano!

The last Camp Nano, I was not able to participate as much as I would have liked. Honestly, I did not at all. I would usually say I was disappointed, however, at that time I was fighting my Depression, starting college, and trying to save friendships.

Here I am, finally, a balance with everything and SO GLAD nano is back. College is going well, some friendships are not worth saving. And since I learned that, I have felt like my old self again and even picked up a semi-social life again.

Who else is excited for Nano? Do you know what you will be working on? What are your goals and have you ever completed them before? If there was anything you would like changed about Nano, what would you want to see?


4 thoughts on “Camp Nano!

  1. Very excited! I always love taking part along with so many other writers. I’ll be working on a romance set in a zombie, sort of apocalypse setting.
    My goal is 30k, (with a side goal of 2 hours daily.) I’m trying to do some plotting right now, as in, at least giving my characters names.
    How about you?
    I find the cabin’s awkward. I wish they were more like the twitter DMs. So that’d be the main thing I’d want to change.

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    • That’s awesome! My goal is 20k. Had it 30k last time but that didn’t work so well lol. I will be working on a Fantasy with Elves and Mermaids. I will be re writing something I’ve worked on. Its been a good year since ive worked on it, and just finished a writing course so I want to fix it up.

      I actually like the cabins, I never visit forums. I wish that more people were active in the cabins I get assigned too.

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      • I’ve found that going onto the forums where people are making private cabins will guarantee you an active cabin more than a random assignment. 🙂

        Your novel idea sounds awesome, gotta love elves and mermaids. Which writing course did you take? Was it online?

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      • I just started college so its really how to help with proper sentences. Have a lot of bad habits to break lol.

        And that’s a good idea thanks!

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