Worlds Collide

I am working on a fan fiction. Cross of supernatural, game of thrones and maybe something else. I am not sure yet.


Dorian rushed into the room. He knew Alexandria was in danger and had to get to her. He could not believe King Joffrey would do something like this. Dorian’s kingdom was far away and had nothing to do with Kings Landing. Joffrey was power hungry and ruled with fear. Dorian and Alexandria ruled with love and a firm fist when needed. On a regular basis, Alexandria would walk the streets and interact with the people. She made sure she knew as many as she could and helped them in whatever way possible. It only made him love her more. She was a great Queen and soon to be an amazing mother to their child. He had to get to her side before King Joffrey’s soldiers did. Dorian ran as fast as his legs could manage.

Dorian rushed into the great hall breathlessly. He watched Joffrey’s guard remove his sword from Alexandria’s body. Without hesitation Dorian swung his sword, beheading the guard that stabbed his Queen. He quickly wrapped her limp body in his arms. “It is going to be ok. It has to be.” Dorian whispered as he held her. “Please. Please help her survive. I would do anything. Just please keep her safe!” He prayed. He could feel the life begin to leave her body. Her hands no longer clung tightly at the wound in her abdomen. He knew there was no way the baby would survive.


Trying a story…

This is something I am working on and I would kind of like it to end up a trilogy. This is only the first couple of paragraphs. I might post a little more, or post some fan fiction. Just trying to write more.


Startled by a howl not far from where she camped, Nevaeh grabbed the dagger she slept with. Slowly she made her way out of the shelter and scanned the area. With her keen sense of hearing, she focused on blocking out all sounds except for the animal. She heard a whimper. Her heart stopped. Whatever it was, sounded injured. Closing her eyes, she blocked out the whimpering to hear if there was any sign of danger. All she could tell was a small animal hurrying through the fallen leaves and twigs. Realizing there were no people nearby and she was not in immediate danger, Nevaeh lowered her dagger and made her way to the animal.

Her heart skipped a beat as she saw a wolf pup trying to scratch something away at their face. As she neared, she could not help but let out a small chuckle as she lowered to the pups level. “Dumbass.” She gave a little, sad smile as she slowly reached out to examine him. “What have you been getting into?” She asked mostly to herself but when the wolf pup gazed into her pale green eyes, she saw sadness and loneliness from his amber ones. Instantly she put an emotional wall up. “Oh no. No no. You are not staying with me.” The pup nudged her with his nose. “I am just barely able to take care of myself. There’s no way I can look after you too.”