In an effort to try to be more positive and avoid the dark spiral I can feel myself go down. I managed to find a new dating app. I joined a couple of facebook groups. One for women who are working to over come eating habits and disorders so they can be healthier and exercise, posting before and after photos without being judged. Another group for depression and anxiety, a support group. 

It takes a LOT for me to admit when I need help. My anxiety sky rockets and I bega, crying hysterically because my inner demons are back telling me I’m weak because I can’t do this on my own and that I won’t be accepted, that I will be rejected. I also tried to look for support groups for Empaths but I have had no luck, not ones that didn’t seem like a place to complain about being covered in animal fur. Still on the look out for that so I can find help to get more control over this and be a more effective worker with my clients.
So here’s to hope this helps. That this will be the push and support I need so I don’t feel so alone and lost


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