The road to…. Somewhere

Where do I begin?

For the most part, things have really begun to look up. It is my last week of my first college class! Work is going well. A review will be soon and I know one area that I did really bad in. But I know I will not lose my job over.

I know the road I am on is the right one. I know I am heading in the right direction. Yet I still feel sad.

Even though I have an amazing support system I still feel like I have no one to share these moments with. All of my friends are busy with their lives as I am the last of my friends who is single and without a child or they live in another state. So here I am writing to whoever reads this. You are officially part of my big and small moments in life. I am lonely and you are my friends.

Despite the lonely feeling, I have to keep pushing forward. It may end up being a journey I make alone and may end up alone as well but, with the experiences I have on the way, I will be able to help others. I don’t know where I’m going, I just know it’s a road to somewhere…


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