Change and stubbornness…

Alright so, one of my biggest annoyances and pet peeves are closed minded people. And the other one is those who complain, whine and wallow in self pity all the time and won’t do anything about it.

Yes I am aware some of my posts have been on the depressing side lately. But at least I’m open to change and advice. I’ve spent the last couple of years doing nothing but change. Yes I complain a lot, but at least I try to find solutions and if there is not one…I complain about that but then over all…stop and accept it. 

I’m not set in my beliefs because it is ever changing just like the world. I don’t read the bible, and I won’t. Things get lost in translation all the time. I believe in facts. What I have seen and experienced with my own eyes. Sure I have theories and I share those with others because I love the philosophical debate and maybe they will open my eyes to something else! Or maybe I will do that for them. 

But I cannot stand those people who create their own drama. They are the cause of their own pain and they try to blame every one else. Or those people who are just set in their ways and will not do anything about it.

They truly piss me off. I believe they are the ones who convince society that depression and anxiety and other mental illnesses are not serious. Those who are truly depressed or what have you. Physically, emotionally and mentally have a real struggle with change every day. Motivation for daily life. 

Then there is the stubborn close minded people who cry wolf, say they need help. All advice welcome. They are capable of change. They are just blaming others for their issues (people and illnesses) 

Mental illness is a REAL issue. Its not something you can see. 

Sorry for the rant. Someone I tried to help pissed me off more than they know. If you are not open to change, even if it includes putting your toothbrush or keys in a different spot in order to gain control…then you are the cause of your issues. Do not expect others to change your life. Your life begins and ends with you!


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