So that happened…

Alright so, since I was 14 I’ve wanted to go to school for Psychology. I was never able to qualify for financial aid due to my dad making too much, but barely enough to get by. As I got older, there were moments when I was ready and able to try again but then life happened so my priorities had to change.

As of today, I spoke to an advisor to apply to an online school. And for financial aid. I hope to whatever higher power there is to get this. It would be a big step and be a huge improvement not just for myself but for those around me. This is finally my chance.

I am extremely nervous. I know I could have applied myself better in high school. I tested horribly. I never realized until this last year how bad my anxiety was or that I even had it. I never realized that it has impacted me hugely throughout life. This would be one of those moments I would love to talk to my two best friends about it, but one of them is going through a lot and I don’t want to bother her. And the other….well I have no idea, I feel like our friendship has come to a stop and I don’t really know why. Sure she goes through phases when she doesn’t talk to anyone, but for some reason, i feel like it’s personal this time. She’s going through a huge life change and doesn’t want me to be part of it. Kind of hurts.


If anyone has any tips, or personal experiences with online college or how to deal with anxiety please leave a comment. I could really use someone to talk to in general.


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