Nano anyone?

So I am still new to this Nano thing. I’ve only done it about a year so I do not know how often they do Camp Nano or the November one.

I was unable to participate last November. I had no internet to check in and update my word count. I tried to continue writing offline but I found myself needing to do some research.

Will there be another Camp Nano, if so is it always the same month? Are there any other months that there are events like that?

I tried looking it up but I did not have any luck.


6 thoughts on “Nano anyone?

  1. I tend to avoid Nanos. I work in sales so November is just too hectic of a month for me also the word count goal for me led to horrible results. I got so focused on the number of words I completely forgot to make sure I was using the right words. I like the idea of nanos but they usually don’t work for me.

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    • For the most part they worked for me. Made me focus more on writing. I am competitive so my friend and I kind of kept each other going. I regards to the word count, and sometimes it saying your story can’t be something you’ve already written…

      I just made a set of my own personal goals. I knew 50,000 would not be attainable for me. I managed to write 14 chapters of one story. I was no where near the word count but I felt accomplished because usually I just write a scene here and there but for once….I managed to do so much more. I may not follow nanos rules to a t, but it does help push me to complete personal goals, not goals set by someone else.

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      • I used the program Ywriter. It is AMAZING. Mostly cuz its free. I am able to write bits and pieces. And organize it. Nothing I write is in order. nano wasn’t specific in how it needed to be done. I just did random scenes and if I found two that worked than I would put it together. But everyone has their own different method and I’m always interested in learning theirs. I am HORRIBLE with details. But I am really good at writing emotions and making the reader feel something. For the most part I don’t like my writing. I just use nano as a guideline and create my own event.


      • I get easily distracted. So I think of a scene and it doesn’t fit with my current work…so I start something new. I also struggle with writing in third or first person.


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