Empaths..Is it real? Part 2

The more research I did, the more I felt like this was a real thing. But it still had a supernatural feel to it. But the more I hung out with people the more I began to notice the different feelings I had, and that it was not how I truly felt. That it wasn’t me.

I was still unsure about how real this could all be, until I told one of my best friends about it. She didn’t think I was crazy. There would be moments she would be in pain, and all of a sudden it was gone. I would then be the one in pain. Before you say it’s called Sympathy Pains…then why did hers just disappear? Sympathy pains is both people feeling it. And the pains wasn’t anything like, a headache just going away. She had some physical issues that I definitely did not have.

That wasn’t the first sign. My other friend moved to another state, and her infant daughter was really sick and my friend was worried. I focused on the infant. Closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I could feel my temperature rise. I felt my throat get sore and my nose began to get stuffy and runny. All of a sudden, the baby was beginning to feel better. Her fever broke and nose cleared up.

I ended up moving in with that friend out of state, she has a slight heart murmur. And lives with chest pains on a regular basis. Stress doesn’t help it, and with both of us being housekeepers it was even worse. I had gone to the doctors and they couldn’t figure out why I was having chest pains. We believe it was due to the Empath thing.

Empaths tend to be classified as depression or bipolar even. I believe myself to be an empath because it makes so much sense. It’s not me trying to ignore my feelings and blame everyone else for my own issues. I will have a great day and be happy, then someone walks into the room and everything changes. Even they could have had a good day and smiling, but I sense something deeper. Something they are hiding within themselves.

Maybe that’s why meds never worked on me. Maybe that’s why I don’t like crowds. Feeling so many different emotions. It’s more than me just hating people due to lack of common sense, I am a social person. I like to go out. But I have to be wearing crystals to help block negative emotions.That’s what I have to do with specific friends. Friends who have a lot of drama and stress in their lives. I constantly find myself worrying about situations that have nothing to do with me.

I really wish I could find an easier way to sum up about all this. But I am still learning all of it. I just know that ever since I realized that this thing was more than an ability that a tv witch has was real…my life has not been the same since. My “depression” has become way more manageable.

Now to top that off, I also have an Entity attached to me and a friend that is a medium. I will save those stories for another time. And believe me, even I still can’t believe it. I try to find the logical explanation in everything and some things I just can’t figure out.


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