Empaths…is that a real thing? part 1

Alright so, lately I’ve been seeing more and more online about Empaths vs Depression, Empaths vs Empathy/Sympathy and the differences between them all. I am not here to feed you a bunch of research, I only want to tell my side of it. What I see and have personally experienced and to try and find more people who understand what I go through on a regular basis.

When I was younger, about 11 or 12 I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression and a little on the suicidal side. I went to two therapists. The first one told me all my parents fighting was caused by me. Again, I was 11 or 12. The second therapist helped me through a lot and I ended up not needing to see her for that long and she was the one that inspired me to hope to be one someday.

I never sought out help after. I was prescribed medication for the depression but it didn’t work. That and I also don’t believe in taking something that has the SAME side effects of what you are trying to get under control.

It wasn’t until about 4 years ago that while I was at work with my client and his mother, (I was a Behavioral Health Professional. I worked with kids who had disabilities,) she was into crystals and the energies they give off. I always thought that was a crock of shit. How could these different kinds of rocks help out with emotions and moods? I followed her instructions on how to cleanse them and she told me to just feel/sense where they want to go. So I gave it a try. Life never really treated me that well so I figured, what could it hurt?

Just a few days after putting them out, I realized I had been feeling better. Positive, confident. The hobbies I use to love doing, I had the urge to do them again. Slowly I began to increase my crystal collection.

Then I began to notice how I felt when I wasn’t around them. Like when I left the house vs being home. One day, a random article came across facebook. About empaths. I started to read. The first time I ever heard of that word was from the show Charmed. It was Phoebe’s ability. The more I read up about it, the more it described me. Then I realized it wasn’t just depression that I had…I was literally feeling what other people were feeling. I always felt best when I was alone or with just 1 person.


I will end this post here otherwise it will be a much longer one and Most people have a short attention span. I didn’t realize how much rambling I was doing lol.


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