Ok so, I have wanted to try and post something every day. At least ONE thing a day but I find that difficult. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I honestly am clueless about what I want to post about. What people are interested in reading.

In some articles I’ve read about how to make a blog popular, it says to blog about what you love. Things you are passionate about. And it really makes me sit back and think for a minute and really ask myself, “What drives me? What do I think about on a regular basis?”

And honestly, aside from friends and family my mind is mostly how I wish my life could be. Filled with so much more adventure and romance! Elves, and Mermaids and TONS of magic. How amazing would it be if Harry Potter was real? After watching Doctor Who, I honestly believe he very well could be real.

Anyways, after thinking about what crosses my mind regularly…The only question I have left is, “How do I blog about that?” It sucks because those are things people post about on a regular basis. How do I make myself stand out from the crowd? I don’t want to be a follower or a leader.


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